Words of a Child

Mother you are the courthouse

Show me both truths that hurt and lies that relieve

Mother you are the countryside area

Keep me away from the nonsense of a plastic society and plastic people

Mother you are the stream

Keep me flow in any given circumstances heavenly or hellish


Mother you are the ocean deep

Show me that there are plenty things to learn the mysterious or the ordinary

Mother you are the tower

Enlight me there are thousands of millon people below need helps

Mother you are the giant library

Keep me busy for an intriguing pages of paper about how silly a man can become


Mother you are the plane

Lead me somewhere at all new to explore, survive and win

Mother you are the fast moving train

Prove me that this world would never slows down keep running or you will be left

Mother you are the light

Tell me it is okay to have a shadow so long we recover our future


Mother you are the dark

Show me that sometime silent is everything when you know no one would listen

Mother you are the fuel

Make me move toward series of trials and failure and goals

Mother you are the milk

Fill me with unlimited energy to get out from demotivation and negativity


Mother you are the roller coaster

Explain me life is full of suprise factors up or down to enjoy

Mother you are the carrousel

Show me million kind of a smile, fake or sincere

Though your time has passed through

We will meet again in another life

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